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Thai Foot Massage or "Reflexology" originates from an ancient Chinese system and is based on the idea that there are nerve endings in the soles of the feet that correspond to all of the organs of the body. The gentle and repeated massage of these pressure points stimulates and detoxifies the internal organs and improves circulation to the problem area.
Foot massage begins with a footbath and is done with the fingers, hands and a small wooden dowel. It involves both the sides and soles of the feet as well as the energy lines (Sen) of the lower leg.
You may schedule a foot massage separately or you may combine some foot massage with a regular, full-body massage. Please schedule at least 90 minutes for a combined treatment.
Thai Foot Massage will usually last 60 minutes and the practitioner may spend the last 10 minutes massaging other parts of the body such as the shoulders, hands and head as well.
 Benefits of Thai Foot Massage Include:
Improved circulation in feet and legs
Stress reduction and relaxation
Improved mood and mental clarity
Better and deeper sleep
Accelerated physical cleansing and healing
Increased flexibility of feet and joints
Reduced pain and stiffness
A boost for the immune system