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Please feel free to leave a comment about your experience at Sabai Thai Massage. 

We welcome any and all feedback that you may wish to share.


Posted by Joy on

Thank you so much for the Thai massage. Although I get massages on a regular basis, this was my first experience with a Thai massage. I have to say that it was wonderful! I feel so refreshed and full of energy. I never knew that a massage could both relax me AND give me more energy. I'll definitley be coming back to you for more.
Posted by Ramesh on
I received a massage from you yesterday at the Indian Festival in Independence. After watching some others getting a massage from you, I finally decided to give it a try. My back has been hurting for ages and after 30 minutes with you the pain was gone. Thank you so much. I will definitely be coming to see you again soon. I feel great thanks to you!
Posted by Jessica on
I had my first Thai massage today and was thoroughly impressed! It was the perfect combination of pressure, body stretches, and joint cracking. I am not one who normally gets massages but I have already recommended Nueng to others and plan on coming back. I would recommend Thai massage to everyone that needs a deep massage.

Thank you sooo much!
Posted by Raymond on
You are truly a gifted woman. I have plantar fasciaitis which makes me compensate when I walk because of the foot pain. So my legs, back, shoulders and neck hurt all the time. After the one and a half hour massage from you, my pain went from excruciating to gone. I understand that with foot reflexology and Thai massage that many other people have been relieved of their symptoms and the pain is gone. I will definitely do the stretching exercises you recommended that I try to relieve the foot pain long term. I can't wait to see you again in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much.
Posted by Alisha on
I just received my first Thai massage ever and I feel totally exhilarated! I never knew that this type of massage even existed. Nueng does a fantastic job and seems to know just how much pressure to apply to make me feel good. The stretching was really great! I feel so full of energy!
Posted by Jeannie on

Thank you for the wonderful oil massage. I'm so happy that you allowed me to combine some Thai massage with oil massage. That is a perfect combination for me. 2 hours flew by and I feel great!

Posted by Tim on

I won the free massage for April and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful gift. After the massage I felt like I was floating on air and even now, my body feels better than it has in years. I'm a believer in Thai massage and will become a regular customer now that I know how much benefit I can get from Thai massage. Thank you!
Posted by Morgan on
I have had many massages over the years and have recently discovered the advantages of Thai massage. The comination of deep tissue and pressure point massage along with the yoga-like positions I was put into made me feel so much better than any other type of massage I have received. If you want an excellent Thai massage from a real Thai person, go see Nueng at Sabai Thai Massage. Thanks Nueng for a wonderful massage. i will be one of your regulars from here on out.

Posted by Minnie on

I just wanted to thank you again fro such a wonderful experience! I came to you with so much pain and tightness and by the time you were finished with me, I felt like a million dollars. You are truly a gifted woman. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Posted by Manesh on
You are a true healer. Thank you so much for fixing my carpal tunnel problem. I was told I need surgery but you were recommended to try first. I'm so glad I ound you.
Posted by Michele on
Dear Nueng,
Thank you for helping me with my plantar fasciaitis problem. I have been to foot doctors, worn orthotics, had painful shots in the bottom of my feet and nothing has helped compared to your foot reflexology massage regimen. I feel like a new person and will definitely recommend you to others with the same problem. I am now a believer in the benefits of Thai massage and will be a lifetime customer of yours!
Posted by Emilee on
Thank you for the wonderful Thai massage. I appreciate a deep massage and the stretching you did for me was excellent. I feel 100% better than before I came to see you. I will recommend you to all my friends! I am definitely going to become a regular of yours!

Posted by Ryan on
Phenomenal...A truly unique massage. Thanks again for the hospitality! I would recommend Nueng to anyone looking for a true therapeutic experience.