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With Thai Oil Massage you will always be treated with the utmost respect.  We provide blankets, towels and sheets to keep your private areas covered at all times and to keep you comfortable to facilitate relaxation.


With Thai Oil Massage you get to choose the type of massage lotion used.  You can go with fragrance free or add a little aroma therapy to your session and choose fragrances such as:

  • Jasmine
  • Crystal Blue Water
  • Spa
  • Cedar
  • and many others...

    Thai Oil Massage is perfect for those suffering from a lot of tension. Thai Oil Massage takes place on a massage table with the client fully undressed and incorporates the use of massage oils.

    The treatment begins with your choice of massage oils.  Then you get undressed and lie on the treatment table face-up so that your massage practitioner can work on your feet, legs and arms. Your limbs will be bent into a variety of yoga-like positions to help stretch out your muscles, and your practitioner will massage each area using oil and applying firm, rhythmic pressure. Your practitioner will also gently apply pressure to various pressure points.

    During the service massage practitioner check with you to be sure that you are comfortable and to be sure they are applying the right amount of pressure.

    Once the front of your arms and legs has been worked on, you’ll be asked to flip over on the treatment table so the process can be repeated on the backside of your body.

    Once the massage is complete, with all the stretching and pressure that was applied to your body, you'll feel more limber and rejuvenated than ever. The Thai Oil Massage truly delivers a relaxing yet energizing experience.